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So you’ve been thinking, what makes a good book? Is it adherence to laid down rules and procedures even if these make the writing mechanical and uninteresting? Is it the thematic preoccupation; does it have to address certain societal issues before it can qualify as a good book? Should it be written in complex language such that you can’t understand?

So what exactly makes a good book? From our point of view, the definition of a good book is dependent on the reader. A good book is one that keeps the reader glued to his seat. It is one that keeps the reader turning page after page; it keeps the reader longing for more. It’s one that keeps the reader ooohing and aaahing! That, in our opinion is the definition of a good book and that’s what we at Farafina are committed to giving our readers. We combine quality and affordable prices while sticking to our motto of telling the African story.

Wouldn’t you rather read a ‘good’ book?

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Happy reading!

*Watch out for new titles in 2011; Fine Boys– Eghosa Imasuen and Voice of America-E.C. Osondu

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  1. i keep my eyes up the skies of farafina, since i look ahead for a wonderful work with farafina org.

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