Imprint: Tuuti
Readership: Ages: 4-10 years
Genre: Children

The Greedy Ostrich


In the beautiful town of Treetop where all the birds live, Ogòngò the ostrich has an important message to deliver to his bird friends: Òrúnmìlà is throwing a feast in his big house in the sky and has invited all the birds. They’re excited about the feast, and when the time comes, they fly to Òrúnmìlà’s house to grace the occasion. At the feast there is music and plenty to eat and drink, and everyone is happy with their plate—except for Ogòngò, whose long throat is about to land him in hot soup!

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About the author(s)

Olusayo Ajetunmobi

Olusayo Ajetunmobi is a storyteller and fine artist. She has illustrated over a dozen children’s stories, and, in the process, become enamoured with folklore. To make up for ancient oral African folktales that are lost and forgotten, she crafted new ones. ‘Sayo aims to explore, destigmatise and decolonise African stories and culture through her folktales and art. Greedy Ostrich is her debut as author-illustrator.

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