The Chameleon Girl



University lecturer, Soumaya Dramé, abandons her job in England to go after her mother, Pearl, who, in the wake of a quarrel with her Senegalese father, AI, has fled to Senegal. Determined to track Pearl down before her despondent father does something foolish, Soumaya enlists the help of a charismatic photographer, Aziz. As they navigate a place she is from but not quite a part of, Soumaya meets her Senegalese relatives – and also runs into a beautiful older woman who seems to be stalking her.

Set mostly in sunny Dakar, The Chameleon Girl is the story of a woman of dual identities confronting her parents’ past amid secrets, stereotypes and cross-cultural family tensions.

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About the author(s)

Jane Labous

Jane Labous

Jane attended an Essex comp before reading English & French at Jesus College, Oxford. Over nearly two decades she has gained a reputation for powerful writing and storytelling, focusing on the most compelling human stories,As a freelance journalist, Jane has spent many years living and reporting out of Dakar, Senegal, for the BBC, VOA, the UN and many more, while developing her creative art as a writer, filmmaker and novelist. She’s worked with women and young people all over West Africa to tell their stories via features, film and radio, and has deep family connections in Ngor, Dakar.Jane’s indie documentary project, Angels, filmed in Dakar, won Best Documentary at Southampton Film Festival. The story of two Senegalese women’s heartbreaking fight to have a baby against the odds has played a role in breaking down stigma about infertility in Senegal.​Jane now works for a global aid agency providing humanitarian and educational support to children in the Global South and conflict zones. She works alongside colleagues in West Africa to tell the human stories of our time, while empowering young people to tell their own.

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