Set in Lagos


This bundle includes:

The Orchid Protocol

The man in the SUV fired the rocket directly at their van and the explosion lit up the park. Then the SUV made a 180-degree turn and took off. Patrick emptied his gun clip and shattered the rear windshield, but the car didn’t slow down and was soon out of sight. He flung his gun in the direction the car went and screamed.

DCT agent Patrick Emenalo returns to work on the same day there is a bombing at a popular fast food joint in Lagos. Dark Cell, a terrorist group, claims responsibility and demands the release of Red Baron, arms smuggler and crime boss.

Patrick, caught in a game whose rules are set by shadowy crime syndicate, The Orchid, must race against time to stop the terrorists before they strike again.

Face-paced and seamlessly written, Onyekwena’s debut takes bold steps into the widely uncharted world of organised crime in Lagos.


International Sisi Eko and Other Stories

A desperate doctor commits murder to appease his wife. A drug-dealing family comes undone following a police raid. A young foreign-educated graduate, brimming with patriotic zest, returns to Nigeria to help rebuild her country, but quickly becomes disillusioned as the hassle and unpredictability of Lagos overwhelm her. And in jaunty, pointed observations, “Two-Way Streets” collects and reflects on the motifs of typical Lagos living.

The stories in this anthology take on the beautiful, clustered Lagos with aplomb and all-knowing authority, the characters’ lives coming together to weave a rich tapestry of a city that is at once startling in its grime and entertaining in its glory.


Manuwa Street

French journalist Sophie Bouillon documents living in Lagos in 2020 during the COVID-19 lockdown. In this thoughtful narrative non-fiction, Bouillon explores everyday life in Lagos through experiences from her career and personal life.

In one unforgettable year, the city was rocked by explosions, evictions and protests. A city that never sleeps put to bed by the pandemic. But Manuwa Street isn’t just a disinterested documentation of a foreigner’s impression of Lagos; it is about love, uncertainty, hope and survival.

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About the author(s)

Onochie Onyekwena

Onochie Emeka Onyekwena was born in Lagos. He is an on-air personality at Classic FM 91.1 and runs Kulture magazine. He currently lives in Woji, Rivers State, with his wife Elizabeth and son Ian. This is his first novel.

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