Imprint: Tuuti
Readership: Ages: 4-10 years
Pages: 28

Half Hour Hara


Hara can’t help getting into trouble, no matter how hard she tries. Sometimes, all she wants to do is look at something, but somehow, it breaks! Like Daddy’s special TV and Mummy’s fancy plates. Now, the eggs for making Mummy’s birthday cake are smashed and splattered on the floor! Hara didn’t break them, but she knows no one will believe her. She has to find the real culprit before Daddy gets back home in 30 minutes – or she will be in trouble again!

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About the author(s)

Ugo Anidi

Ugo Anidi

Ugo Anidi is mad about all things children’s books! She reads, writes and reviews loads of them on her blog at, where she also teaches a magical programme on writing for children. In her “other” life, she is a lecturer in law at the University of Nigeria and she plays a mean game of scrabble. She shares her home in Lagos, Nigeria, with her husband, three sons, 500 books and the characters in her head. her next book, The Missing Chicken is forthcoming from Farafina.

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