From Storeroom To Boardroom

From Storeroom To Boardroom


From Storeroom To Boardroom

In 1992, the young Babs Omotowa accepted an offer to work in the materials department of a multinational oil company. And this was the start of an exciting journey up the corporate ladder – one that would see him go on to head corporations and global functions in Nigeria, the UK and the Netherlands and become a leader of note in global oil and gas.

Driven by the important values – hard work, honesty and integrity – inculcated in him by his teacher-farmer parents, Omotowa, in From Storeroom to Boardroom, chronicles his struggles and successes as a corporate guru tackling the challenges big businesses face in the developing world; ethical dilemmas in leadership; corruption in governance; and the future of climate change discourse.

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About the author(s)

Babs Omotowa

Babatunde “Babs” Omotowa was born at the onset of the civil war in Nigeria and grew up in the middle belt, in an agrarian environment. He began his working career in a warehouse, rising from there to top and executive roles in the oil and gas industry. For most of his career, he built teams designed to integrate enviromental, social and governance issues into company strategies. From Storeroom to Boardroom is his first book.

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