Early Starter Bundle (Age 2-6)

Early Starter Bundle (Age 2-6)


At Farafina, we take pride in publishing high-quality, engaging children’s books that ignite imaginations and promote a lifelong love for reading from a young age. Here, we have made a list of books we think are the perfect gifts for your child and younger friends for this Children’s Day. 


They come in a gift pack and you can choose a bundle that is age appropriate. This Early Starter bundle is tailored for kids aged 2-6

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About the author(s)

Vennessa Scholtz

Vennessa Scholtz is a multi-award winning journalist from Cape Town, South Africa. Kita and the Dusty Red Road won the 2016 Golden Baobab Award for Picture Books and is her first story for children in this particular age category. She is a full time media liaison and a wife, mom and blogger.

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