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My mother by Isah Sani

Ah, my beloved mother, Radiant in her beauty, She who nourished me at her breast, She who never slept when my cries pierced the night. Ah, what a paragon of motherhood she is! She toils tirelessly, Imparting to me my earliest lessons, Comforting me in moments of distress. Ah, my beloved mother! She shields me […]


So much about a friend by Haliru Musa

I often think deeply about my friend, who was caught stealing a tuber of yam from my neighbour’s farm. Though I didn’t witness the event firsthand, the eyewitness accounts paint a vivid picture in my mind. They described his swollen legs, inflamed from the merciless caning he endured, leaving a trail of blood as he […]


Agadi Nwaanyi by Ezinne Uduma

At the ripe age of fifty-five, they call me ‘Agadi Nwaanyi’—an old woman—as if I’m one foot in the grave. Time has draped many names over my shoulders: from ‘Ada’, a name for my youth, to ‘nwaanyi chara ucha’, the epitome of purity. I’ve been ‘obidia’, the heart of her husband, and endured the hollow […]

The MFA Chronicles: Chukwudaru Michael

Chukwudaru Micheal

The MFA Chronicles blog series offers perspective on the experiences of Nigerian writers who are currently on MFA programs, shedding light on the challenges and rewards of such a journey.  Nigerian writers who aspire to pursue their writing dreams can gain valuable insight into the application process, program selection, cultural and language barriers, and how […]

SHORT STORY: My way to happiness by Uzochukwu Okeke

My way to happiness by Uzochukwu Okeke

“It’s okay to cry,” Mama whispered, gently patting my shoulder before taking a tray laden with garden eggs into the parlour, where Papa and the kinsmen chuckled amidst conversation. As I watched the men in the parlour, their faces impassive yet their laughter echoing, I couldn’t help but wonder about the hidden cruelties behind their […]

SHORT STORY: About Yesterday by Dumebi Ezekeke

About yesterday by Dumebi Ezekeke

Yesterday, I found myself in the backseat of a car, holding Jasmine as she sobbed into my shoulder. Her tears left streaks on my black shirt, her nose running unceremoniously. Yesterday, we buried her mother, who had fought a heart disease for five years and lost. In these moments, life seems to cast me as […]

SHORT STORY: Making Love by John Ebute

Making Love by John Ebute

I remove my clothes with the same deliberate intent as a snake shedding its skin. She has done likewise and now reclines on the bed, a vision that sparks primal urges within me. My muscles tense, and my spirit is lost in the turmoil. Who can deny God’s existence? Can the mundane dance of bored […]

POETRY: I Am Not Alone by Yewande Akinse

Yewande Akinse

I am not aloneamidst and throughthis meanderof meaning and, I confront, selfthrough reflecting lenstoday, I challengemy most cherished ismsand the ideologiesthrough which I existin time I am not alone.for I have descendedfrom great ancestry.amidst and througha melanin cladetoday, I confront, selfto interrogate and negotiateexistence and essencethrough the opaque lensof mundane striving& being, in time […]

POETRY: My Relationship Saga by Raheemat Oluwatoyin Jimoh

My relationship saga

Popping pills everydayBecause I can’t find a better wayI’m a drug seeker seeking drugs for healingI know what you’re thinking and you’re rightI’m an addictBut not of marijuana or cocaine, but of folic acid and OPIOIDSAddiction takes many forms, and mine wears a mask of healing Like a vampire, I take blood tooFrom sack to […]

POETRY: The Promise of Sun-Kissed Dreams by Tope Ogundare

The Promise of Sun kissed Dreams POETRY: The Promise of Sun-Kissed Dreams by Tope Ogundare

One day, You will part your lips & suckle on happiness Like the butterfly’s proboscis  Plunging into the nectary.  Your vision will transform, & the world will burst into bloom In brilliant hues of sun-kissed gold  & soft rose pink. Your heart will flutter like a butterfly’s wings; You will pirouette to the wind’s music,  […]


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