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19 year old Nigerian girl wins publishing deal

19 year old Nigerian girl wins publishing deal

Hey all! Sure you are getting ready for the independence weekend! We have pasted an interesting article about a nineteen year old Nigerian girl who has been signed on by British publisher, Faber. Enjoy!


Young writers start new chapter in Nigeria’s literary history

A 19-year-old Nigerian undergraduate student has signed a two-novel

chibundu onuzu 19 year old Nigerian girl wins publishing deal
Chibundu Onuzu

deal with the British publisher Faber, making her its youngest ever woman author.

Chibundu Onuzo, a history student at King’s College London, will have her first novel, “The Spider King’s Daughter,” published next year.

“I wrote the book in my last year at school,” Onuzo told CNN. “I’ve been writing since I was 10, but this was the first novel I finished, so it was very liberating to be able to write ‘The End.'”

Onuzo, who moved to England to go to school five years ago, found an agent before she had even finished writing, and sealed the book deal on her first meeting with a publisher.

Her editor at Faber, Sarah Savitt, describes Onuzo as a “very talented writer at the beginning of an exciting writing career.”

Onuzo is the latest of a new generation of talented young Nigerian writers — many of them female — who have made their mark in the literary world in the past few years.

They include Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie who won the 2007 Orange Prize for Fiction for “Half of A Yellow Sun;” and Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani, published her first novel, “I Do Not Come To You By Chance,” last year, which has also garnered several awards, including the Commonwealth Writers Prize.

Nigeria has a rich literary tradition spanning the 50 years since its independence, including one Nobel Prize for Literature, one Man Booker Prize winner, one Man Booker International Prize, one Orange Prize winner, and three winners of the Caine Prize for African Writing, which is often described as the “African Booker.”

It is an impressive haul, even for Africa’s most populous country with a population of 150 million, but according to those in the know, it is just the beginning.

Publishers and writers say there is an explosion of young Nigerian writers about to gain even more international recognition.

Jeremy Weate, a British man who set up Cassava Republic publishing company in Abuja in 2007 with his Nigerian wife Bibi Bakare-Yusuf, said: “This is a very exciting time and the best of Nigerian writing is still ahead.

“There is some awareness overseas of Nigerian authors and an increasing number of Nigerians winning awards, but we believe this is just the beginning.

“There is still a huge amount of undiscovered and up-and-coming talent in Nigeria.”

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18 Responses

  1. I believe better days await Nigeria & her world of literature. Thanks alot to farafina,I’l soon be on my way to you because I’ve got some stories to tell the entire world. Pls can I know your publishing terms & conditions as well as the categories & genres of literature u specialize. I’m proud of you farafina.

  2. I believe that Nigeria is very blessed whenever it comes to Literature.And as a young Nigerian aspiring to be a Writer,I believe the future is bright for we young Nigerian Literary enthusiasts.

  3. It is quite interesting to know that the entire world is giving much attention to young writers coming from Africa, particularly, Nigeria. Farafina, I respect your quality in book publishing and your ability to show the entire world that African writers are of standard. But where I query you is the fact that you do not help undiscovered creative writers in Nigeria to tell their stories to the world, except if the writer must have gained prominence one way or the other before coming in contact with you. I believe you know what I’m talking about. Out of frustration, I am speaking my mind because I have been trying to get my novels published by Farafina since the year 2007, but due to the fact that I have not made name like the likes of prolific writers, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, sefi Atta, etc, you have decided not to look at my work. But I just want to assure you that I will get published. A writer is not happy except when his works are published. Due to the respect I have for the quality of your publications, I refused publishing my works elsewhere with my interest solely in Farafina. I have decided to let go of that interest in publishing with you. I will now publish with other publishing Press. Please, do not be offended that I’m sounding this way. It is also part of literary criticism, yet I am saying the truth, so to speak. But please, try to publish unknown quality writers in Nigeria, even though you will not publish my works. Kudos to good interesting books in your shelves. I still read your lovely books. Please don’t even tell me to submit my work. I have done that more than four times since 2007. latest submission being June this year. Anyway, You are doing a good job with those interesting and exciting books published. Take care.

  4. I’m proud of Farafina and I’m hopefully gonna walk up to you soon.Can I please know your publishing terms and conditions.Kudos.

  5. It is interesting to note that foreign publishers would more readily publish Nigerian authors than their Nigerian counterparts. We’ve come a long way in the literary world but perhaps our publishers need to review their stance about publishing first-time authors. Afterall, one has to start somewhere. Congrats to our very own!

  6. Its so nice hearing this words,,it gives me hope of having my books publish:Pls how can i contact u guys:

    1. Your titles are captivating Onyinyechi. I think, concerning publishing, what you can do is to either approach publishers like Cassava Republic or try self publishing. Self publishing is very risky in Nigeria because of errors and poor quality. But i’ll advice you to research. Publishing is very important in the success of any writer.

  7. Hi, I’m 18 and i just completed my first two novels; ALMOND BLOSSOMS and THE SHADOW MAN OF PRADA TOWN AND HIS DIAMOND.I haven’t a clue what it takes to publish a novel,it’s almost frustrating.I need some kind of advice.I’m currently working on two others;LILY WHITE and FLUID and I’m hoping by God’s grace,I’d be able to publish them with you.

  8. Indeed,”Nigeria has a rich literary tradition.” Congrats Chibundu! Thanks for doing Nigeria proud.

  9. It’s good that young people are picking up in writing. I’m also an aspiring writer but never finished writing a book. Perhaps one day I’ll be lucky like Chibundu Onuzu.

  10. well am into comic drawing but i have.never published one which is a huge stone considering the fact comic books are rarely published in.nigeria.
    maybe i could start it with any interested company

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